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What’s the best pressure washer?

Our engineers have rated the best pressure washers for car detailing & patio garden cleaning:

  1. EHRLE KD223 or KD323 Industrial machine. Brass pump, triplex pump, ceramic piston, quick release, rubber hose.
  2. Nilfisk Premium 180 or Nilfisk Premium 200 Largest domestic machine. High quality metal pump.  Strong rubber hose.
  3. Nilfisk E160.1-10 H X-TRA – Medium domestic machine. Aluminium pump. strong rubber hose.

Not only do we provide excellent pressure washers at North West Power Washers but we also have highly trained and skilled engineers to help with all after sale needs. If you ever need help or advice we are only a phone call or message away.

With the machines we sell, we also sell replacement parts and accessories, so should something break or wear out in the future it can be easily and cheaply replaced, saving money on buying a new pressure washer.

If you need help with What’s the best pressure washer? for you, feel free to give us a call and we can help you pick the right one for you, for the right job.

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