Nilfisk keeps blowing fuse

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Nilfisk pressure washer blowing fuses

There might be a few reasons why a nilfisk pressure washer is blowing fuse.

These are the things you need to check:

  • That it is not the extension lead- lead is fully pulled out not wrapped or coiled.
  • You are using the correct genuine nilfisk spray handle and nozzle. (No stubby spray handles).
  • No leaks – from the spray handle, hose or pump.
  • Incorrect mains voltage.
  • Make sure there is no aqua stop on garden hose.

If these are not the cause then the capacitor may need replacing or motor is ceased. You can find these on our website:

We also have workshop manuals which can help you with the replacement of your capacitor.

Replace the fuse with a 13A fuse anything lower will blow straight away. Do not replace fuse with anything other than a 13A fuse as this is a health and safety hazard.

Nilfisk pressure washer blowing fuses still? Call or email our expert engineers and they will be able to help you further. If you are local to us, you can also bring it into our service & repair centre.

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