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Nilfisk water inlet keeps leaking

The main reason for a nilfisk pressure washer to keep leaking at the water inlet were the garden hose attaches, is because of an aqua stop on the garden hose.

An aqua stop is a valve on the inside of the hose pipe connection that stops a free flow of water, this causes it to back up and split the water inlet.

Remove the aqua stop and you may need to replace your water inlet. We have many water inlets available for a range of nilfisk models on our website. We also have workshop manuals available.

If you are struggling to find the correct water inlet for your pressure washer please call us on 01772 720555 or email a member of our team will be able to assist you.

People often ask why they aren’t metal? The reason being then it can build pressure further up in the pump and cause the cylinder block to crack which is a lot costly to repair.

Another reason for it leaking on this point is if it has been dropped or knocked over.

There is more information on one of our other blog page about aqua stops:

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