Does an aqua stop on a garden hose break a pressure washer? Leave a comment

Does an aqua stop on a garden hose break a pressure washer?


An aqua stop or non return on a garden hose can break your pressure washer. Its not a conspiracy or myth. It is a real problem.

When pressure washers first came out, there was no such thing as an aqua stop on a garden hose. Over the years garden hose companies started to put these features on, to save water especially for those people that have water meters.

This is when pressure washers started to have problems. Often it can crack or split the water inlet, if the water inlet is changed to metal it backs up further in the pump. On some pressure washers you have to change the whole cylinder block. Resulting in costly repairs.

The theory of this process and why this happens is very difficult to explain. But the round about way of explaining simply is that the water doesn’t flow as free as what you think it does when the garden hose is connected to the pressure washer even though it is flowing it can not flow back like it does without one on. This results in pressure building up at the water inlet.

Now you will always hear people say I have always used one and its never been a problem, but I can tell you that our most sold part on our website is the water inlet. We are just trying to save you money not cost you money. We have no reason to make it up.

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