Pressure Washer Help 7

Pressure Washer Help

Common faults:

  • Wrong pressure washer for the job. (Overuse/underuse)
  • Aqua stop/ non return valve on garden hose.
  • Frost damage left outside in garages/cars over winter months.
  • Using the wrong nozzle.
  • Changing accessories to non genuine Nilfisk accessories.
  • Leaks.
  • Wrong fuel/ chemical.

Often pressure washers break due to misuse. A lot of problems occur because of human error. At North West Power Washers we can help to repair Nilfisk pressure washers. We have a fully trained team to give expert knowledge.

You can bring your pressure washer to us for repair or you can order parts on our website and download a workshop manual to help you get your pressure washer back up and running.

We specialise in domestic and industrial pressure washer repairs.

At North West Power Washers we also have engineers who specialise in Nilfisk vacuum cleaners and other floor cleaning equipment.

We recommend that industrial machines are serviced regularly to help prevent damage and costly repairs.

Our opening hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

We have a Nilfisk Facebook group that you can join to ask questions and get help and advice.

If pressure washers are used correctly and looked after they can last for over 20 years.


  1. Hi,
    My Nilfisk titan extra (00429073 – 27/2018 – 128470946) has stopped working.
    Although seldom used, I now find if I leave Lance tube dis-connected and allow the water to flow through for a few minutes, it starts and works well until I release the lever. It will not start again by using the lever.
    Do I need a new part? Any advice will be welcomed.

    George Townson
    1. Hi George, I have replied to your email, it’s probably the start stop valve sticking or needs replacing

      Chistine Procter
  2. Hello. My 110.4 has lost some pressure and reading some of your comments I wonder if it’s a problem with the plastic water inlet. I have unfortunately used an aqua stop not realising that this was a big no no. How do I get into the machine to check/replace this part as I can’t see how to get the cover off the machine to get inside?
    Many thanks,
    Jon Hughes

    1. Hello Jon
      If it was your water inlet there would be water pouring out the bottom of the machine
      Other problems that can cause low pressure are a blocked nozzle, leaks from the hose, gun and lance and the stop start not working properly

      Chistine Procter
  3. Hi, My Nilfisk 120.6 pressure washer has suddenly stopped working. Tried to switch it on yesterday and nothing happens. Thought it might be the fuse but swapped that and it still didn’t work. Tried a couple of different sockets and still wont work.

    I live in Edinburgh so can’t just pop in to get you to repair it. Do you have any suggestions please as to what might be wrong, eg is it the on/off switch and if so do you have that in stock that I can purchase please and do you have instructions as to how to replace it, thanks.

    1. Hi David, it is possibly the start stop valve that is either sticking or broken. Try and re grease it first. I’ve added a link to the part you’ll need if broken and a link to a workshop manual that is very similar to your washer to give you an idea if it is something you’ll be able to sort yourself.

      Chistine Procter
  4. Hi, I have a Nilfisk C125.7 pressure washer which has been stored in the garage and I hadn’t used it since last Summer. Last week I connected it all up and it ran for 3 seconds and then stopped and wouldn’t start again. I called North West Power Washers for technical support and was told the problem is with the stop/start valve. I ordered a new one which arrived the next day and used the guides available on the website to assist with the replacement. It’s now fully operational again for just £12 which is fantastic support. Thank you very much and I will ensure I wrap the pressure washer up in a cosy quilt next Winter as recommended so I don’t have the same issue.

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