How to protect a pressure washer from frost

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How to protect a pressure washer from frost

Over the winter months here in the UK we often get cold frosty nights. Frost is extremely dangerous for pressure washers and is one of the main reasons they can break. Water expands when it is frozen and this can cause the pressure washer pump to crack. If your pressure washer is still under warranty frost damage is not covered. So here are some ways you can protect your pressure washer from frost.

Domestic pressure washers
  • Drain the water out but Do not over drain as this can cause seals to dry out and break.
  • Keep the pressure washer inside an insulated building. The best place is in your house as garages and sheds often still get cold inside.
  • If you can not keep your pressure washer in the house, wrap it fully in a thick quilt in a garage or shed.
Industrial pressure washer
  • You need to run anti freeze through the pressure washer. Suction pressure washers-  you can suck through. Break tank pressure washers-find an inlet to pour it in.
  • Keep in insulated buildings, or make insulated boxes to go around the pressure washer.
  • Some customers keep them in industrial fridges as the temperature never falls below 4 degrees.

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