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Nilfisk not working? 81

Nilfisk not working?

Is your Nilfisk pressure washer not working? Is it leaking, pulsing, start stopping? Are your Nilfisk accessories not working? North West Power Washers have the answers for you.

At North West Power Washers we repair Nilfisk pressure washer at our workshop in Preston. We stock a huge range of Nilfisk repair, replacement, spare parts & accessories.

We have highly trained Nilfisk engineers that can repair any model of Nilfisk pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers & sweepers from the consumer domestic range to the commercial industrial advanced range.

If you do not live in Preston we have a huge range of Nilfisk repair parts on our website. We can also send over repair workshop manuals to help you repair your Nilfisk pressure washer & accessories at home. We are able to send parts no matter where you are in the world.

Our team at North West Power Washers can offer advice & help over the phone on: 01772 720555 or via email at:

Please also have a look at our Facebook and Instagram page. Where you can see the work which we do at our workshop. We also have a Facebook repair help group in which you can post pictures or videos.



  1. Hi Chris,

    I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my Nilfisk power washer, your emails really helped me fix the inlet pipe that was just falling off all the time. In the end i didn’t need to buy any spare parts…but if i did i would definitely buy from you in the future as you were very fast to respond and helped as much as you could. So thanks a lot.

    1. Hi. I can’t seem to post a new question. So I’m using your post to see if I can get an answer.

      My pressure washer has stopped working. I’ve only used it about 10 times. If I plug it in without the hose it turns over. But as soon as I put the hose in. It stops.

      Please help.

      1. Hi Gary, I have sent a reply to your email. It could be your nozzle is blocked or your start stop valve. There’s a black pin on your washer use this to see if the nozzle is blocked first.

        Chistine Procter
        1. Hi. I put an air hose through the nozzle and it’s not blocked. It must be the stop start button. Maybe. I couldn’t find that pin you where talking about.

  2. I have just purchased a replacement stop/start switch from you but can you tell me how to remove the micro switch that is attached to it? NILFISK 120.7 regards, Albert Sainsbury.

    Albert sainsbury
    1. Hi Albert, you need to prize the micro switch off they can sometimes be difficult to move. I will call to explain

  3. Hi
    My Nilfisk C120 power washer is leaking from the spray hose/gun. Will i need a replacement or is it likely to be an easy fix, like a washer replacement?

    Andrew Bleasdale
    1. Hi Depending on where the gun is leaking depends on what you require. If leaking at the hose end you will need the insert hose o ring. If leaking internally you’ll need the valve or a new gun. I’ve added the links below

      Chistine Procter
  4. Hi i buy nilfisk c120.7 ,its started to work but when i stop ,motor stop working at all
    Any chance to fix ?

    1. Hi have you checked the fuse? if so and if it’s still under warranty contact the company it was purchased from and they will sort the warranty out. If not it sounds like it could be your start stop valve. The one for your washer is in the link

      Chistine Procter
  5. Hi the bar dial on the side of nilfisk 180 premium is just spinning and not engaging to adjust the pressure.
    Can this be fixed?
    Thanks Simon

    1. Hi Simon, give us a call on 01772 720555 one of our engineers will talk you through it

      Chistine Procter
    2. Hi Simon,

      Did you get an answer to this one? I have the same problem. How did you remedy it?

      Bradley Banyard
      1. Hi Bradley,

        Did you get a solution to the spinning pressure switch? I recently bought a p180 and it’s doing the same.

        Any help would be appreciated.



        David Ferguson
  6. Hi. Any idea what’s wrong. My Nilfisk c110 stops working. It’s turn on and then when I press gun not working. When I remove connection between power washer and gun water flows and sometimes will turn on motor. Again when I connect hose with gun won’t kick on.

    1. Hi Daniel, it sounds like it’s your start stop valve that needs replacing. Which model C110 do you have and I’ll send you the link to the correct one. Chris

      Chistine Procter
  7. 110. 7-5 xtra. Do you post to Ireland?

  8. Hi folks! I have this exact problem (this is not my film, And my washer is a 110.4) Any suggestions, or chuck it in a skip?

    Stephen Parry
    1. Hi Stephen
      its probably your water inlet
      They are prone to get damage if you have a aqua stop on your hose

      Chistine Procter
  9. Good afternoon,

    My Nilfisk 110.4 is leaking from the bottom, The lance hose is screwed in tightly but it seems to be leaking from behind that connection.

    I would appreciate your help and advice.

    Many thanks,

    Duncan M

    Duncan Mangham
    1. Hi Duncan, It can be caused from a number of things from that point. Can you send a video or picture to please.

      Chistine Procter
  10. Hi – I have a C110-7 that has just stopped working. Checked the fuse, extension lead and anything else I can think of. I’ve had it about 3 – 4 years but it has barley been used. Nothing happens when I switch it on. Do I need to buy a new one?

    1. Hi Karl, It is more than likely the start stop valve that has stuck or needs replacing. Try greasing it with white grease. This is the link to the start stop valve and the workshop manual to help.

      Chistine Procter
  11. Hi why is my pressure washer leaking from the handle – the water is gushing out and the pressure has been reduced. Please advice.

    1. Hi Arvind, I would need to know where your handle is leaking from, if it’s the hose end it could be something as simple as the little green o ring on the end of the hose, if not then it’s more than likely a new handle, I would need to know which washer you have to say which is best, email me on

      Chistine Procter
  12. Hi
    Started to use my nilfisk 110 this morning. Burst into life and then died. Checked fuses but still no life. Any ideas please?

    Allen Smith ex Prestonian
    1. Normally when it stops working we find it is the stop start valve, if you take it apart and pop the micro switch off, it should work which tells you it is the stop start valve.

      Chistine Procter
      1. Hi,

        I’ve a similar problem with my C125.3 washer. I’m trying to remove the stop start valve but the nylon “nut” seems really tight is it the conventional thread direction to loosen?

        Many Thanks.

        Tony Timmins
        1. Hi Tony,

          I would try heating up the aluminium round the plastic to help get the start stop valve out as it not left hand thread

          Chistine Procter
          1. Thanks Christine, I’ve resulted to drilling out the existing valve.
            Which replacement valve do I need to order & do I need to purchase the insertion tool?

            Thanks again


            Tony Timmins
  13. Hi I just purchased and fitted a new stop start valve on my Nilfisk C120.7 as when I pulled the trigger the machine just didnt start. Now it starts the motor goes but there is no pressure to the spray. Its starts spraying but goes to a dribble

    1. Hi Nick, it sounds like the nozzle has a bit of dirt in it, try using the black tool to clean it see if this helps

      Chistine Procter
  14. Hi when using my 140 today and released trigger then tried to restart it took quite some time to fire up every time I tried this it took longer to restart any comments what is the problem

    William Brown
    1. Hi William
      It sounds like it could be your start stop valve sticking, either try greasing it or replacing it. I would ned to know the exact model to know which you require

      Chistine Procter
  15. Is it possible to get the manual for a Nilfisk C110.4
    There is power but the motor doesn’t start, is there brushes in these motors or is it going to be the start/stop valve I see from previous questions you have answered

    1. Hi Dave, there isn’t a workshop manual for the C110.4 however the C110.7 manual is similar. The brushes are available for the C110.4, Please follow the links

      Chistine Procter
      1. hello, I have a nilkfisk core 140, which worked fine, however I’ve not used it for a few months.

        today I switched the washer on and nothing happened.. as if no power . I tested fuse, no issues there. water came out when I pressed the trigger under the normal water pressure, no motor engaged etc.

        any ideas on what the issue may be?

        kind regards

        Mr Gabriel Gibson
        1. Hi, It sounds like the start stop valve needs replacing. Here’s the link to the part

          Chistine Procter
  16. Hi
    I have an mc3c but the lance is brocken. Can I use a different lance with this machine as I do not need the 4in1 it came with.

    1. Hi Mark

      Yes you can just use a single lance
      The nozzle size is 0340

      Chistine Procter
  17. Hi – i have a c110.4 and it has suddenly stopped working. When i power on the machine it is totally dead and nothing happens – i have tried the fuse and all ok. Could this be the micro switch needs replacing – or something else? Cheers

    1. Hi, Stephen
      It could be the micro switch but it could also be the main switch or the stop start valve being stuck open

      Chistine Procter
  18. Hi, I have the c120.6/7 and have an issue when I press the trigger button nothing happens. I have to keep pressing the trigger 8/9 times before it’ll kick in and actually work…..any ideas? Cheers

    1. Hi Neil
      It sound like your start stop valve on your C120.6
      Please follow link


      Chistine Procter
  19. Thanks Steve, easy enough to fit? Cheers

    1. Hi Neil glad we could help

      Chistine Procter
  20. hi Neil my wand won’t switch from jet to spray, any ideas or do I need a new wand,thanks

    Jack Hallworth
    1. Hi Jack what machine is this

      Chistine Procter
  21. Good Evening,

    I have recently been having some issues with my D140. 4 where by it would work fine at times and stop. I have recently brought a new start stop valve from you and replaced it. However, upon trying it for the first time it came on for a split second and nothing. I then removed the switch from the start stop valve and it powers up. no aqua stop on it so not sure what else I could do or try. thank you

    Lee Duckworth
    1. Hi Can you please email us on with some pictures of how you’ve installed the start stop valve.

      Chistine Procter
  22. Good afternoon
    can you please advise me on a problem I have with a nilfisk c110.7?
    everything is connected correctly, no leaks whatsoever, the hose is straight with no kinks the motor is working but the water is barely coming out at the rate it should be. the machine is only two years old and not had a great deal of use.
    many thanks
    kind regards

    Barry Ramsey
    1. Hi Barry, check your nozzle isn’t blocked with the black tool that should have been with your washer when you bought it. If that doesn’t work please email or call the office on 01772 720555

      Chistine Procter
  23. Hi,
    I have a nilfisk 180 that has suddenly started to have low pressure. have tried to just run water through it without the lance connected to clear any air blockage to no avail. just feels like it isn’t pressurising if that makes sense.
    any ideas?

    Chris Joyce
    1. If you have a aqua stop on your garden hose this could be causing the problem, if you remove it that should help. Also check the filter where the water inlet isn’t blocked and check there’s no leaks anywhere.

      Also sometimes united utilities drop the water pressure and this can cause the pressure to drop.

      Chistine Procter
  24. Hi i have a Nilfisk135.1i pressure washer which has developed a fault. if i release the trigger then it wont start again for a long time if i turn it on/off with the power switch it starts and runs fine is there an easy fix for this.

    Mr Jake Rice
    1. Hi Jake it sound like you will have to replace the stop start valve Part Number 1274004477 to fix this problem

      Chistine Procter
  25. hi, I have a 145.4 Nilfisk power wash.
    it’s been working fine, however I’ve just come to use it and done all the usual bleeding air before running and there is no pressure.
    The pump runs as normal but with little or no pressure. if you release the trigger the pump stops as normal .
    I’ve tried several nozzles off my spare Nilfisk and it’s the same.
    the spare pressure washer is working fine on the same set up so its definatly the machine.
    any advice would be appreciated along with parts I may need off you.

    1. Hi Rodger, Firstly check your filter isn’t blocked, if this is clear it could be the easy start or the start stop valve. I’ve added a link below to the workshop manual, if you open it up you may be able to tell what is causing the problem

      Chistine Procter
  26. C120.7 not stopping pumping when trigger closed. Where is unload valve please. I have cleaned and lubed start/stop several times and that cures failure to start. Getting very frustrated by this washer! Many thanks. Keith

    Keith Jacklin
    1. Hi Keith
      if there is no leak from anywhere it could be the the start stop valve need replacing or it could be that the micro switch isn’t holding flush to the stop start valve

      Chistine Procter
  27. Hiya, I have a Nilfisk CORE-140. The pressure hose has recently started popping out of the lance as soon as there is any pressure. Do I need a new lance, or is this a common problem with an easy fix?

    1. Hi Jack, The black sleeve on the end of the hose has probably moved forward, stopping the hose connecting into the spray handle properly. If you pull it back this should resolve the problem, if not try shaving a couple of mm’s off it and it should click in.

      Chistine Procter
      1. Amazing, that’s completely fixed it. Thanks so much 🙂 I was convinced it was a problem with the clip inside the lance.

        1. Glad you got sorted, we see this problem a lot

          Chistine Procter
  28. hello, my Nilfisk Core 140 recently stopped working. Aftter moderate use cleaning a car, and in full working order I stored the unit away.A month later came to use the washer and nothing.. checked all water connections- flowed out of the lance when trigger pressed under normal water pressure, the washer wasn’t kicking in.

    power supply and fuse checked all good . I can hear a click of a relay when I swivel power knob.

    any ideas what preventing the power washer engaging ?

    kind regards

    1. Hello Gabe

      From what you have describe it sound like the stop start valve
      here is the link for the stop start valve

      Chistine Procter
      1. hello Christine,

        I ordered and installed the start stop valve and I was met with the same issue. what should I look at next?

        kind regards

  29. Hi there, I have an 11 month old Nilfisk 128471255 Core 140, and recently I was cleaning my drive, noticed a small rainbow patch under it, similiar to oil, (not sure whether that was relavent), I didnt think anything at the time as nothing appeared differnt. However I have noticed quite a drop in power. Even on the number three power setting on the lance, it struggles to make the high pressure nozzle spin. The pressure washer also sounds a little different, almost like its revving higher. Any advise woud be appreciated. Many thanks

    1. Hi Martin, as the washer is still under warranty you will need to contact Nilfisk to get this looked at under warranty. It sounds like your seals need replacing and the oil from the description

      Chistine Procter
      1. Thanks Christine, appreciate the feedback, unfortunately I tried to register it and because I hadn’t registered within 30 days, I don’t appear to be able to create an account 🙁

        1. As long as you have your receipt you can still claim under warranty if you contact Nilfisk. There is a 2 year warranty on the washer. This is the number 01768 868995

          Chistine Procter
  30. Hello, I have a Nilfisk E 145.3 X-TRA, the motor, keeps pulsing and so does the water jet coming out the end of the lance. There is no water leaks on the appliance, any advice would be appreciated, Many Thanks.

    Christopher Thomas Mlynski
    1. Moring Christopher
      If the water keeps come out of the lance it sound like your spray handle.
      Please follow link for G4 spray handle

      Chistine Procter
  31. Hello,
    I have a Nilfisk D-PG 140.4. It suddenly stopped working and does not work with the stop start micro switch removed from its housing. Any suggestions please
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Kevin, it will probably be the microswitch if it’s not working when it’s unattached from the start stop valve, unless the motor is broken. Here’s the link to the microswitch

      Chistine Procter
  32. Hi, I have Nilfisk 110.7, it gets power however when I press the trigger the motor won’t start. previously it used to start when I shake the machine , any thoughts please.


  33. hi ,I have a nilfisk c125.7 while he was working, his noise suddenly changed and he began to smoke and smell burnt. I turned it off, opened it and saw that one of the carbons had been cut. I changed the carbons but it has the same problem again, it has a different sound and it starts to smell burnt. any idea what it could be?

    1. Hi, if you have changed with genuine Nilfisk brushes then it’s probably the motor and it’s not cost effective to replace, if it wasn’t genuine brushes you replaced them with then here’s the link

      Chistine Procter
      1. hi thank you.for your answer. i changed them with the code 31000832 . they told me they are the same. do you have the code for the motor? thank you!

        1. The 31000832 are too small for that washer, you need the 31000833

          Chistine Procter

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