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Best Pressure Washer For Car Detailing

The Nilfisk Premium 180  and Premium 200 has been rated by our customers and engineers as the best power washer for car detailing, valeting & car washing.

Firstly The Nilfisk premium range is equivalent to the small industrial range of power washer from Nilfisk.

Secondly the only difference is it comes with consumer accessories. This makes it more cost effective when it comes to replacing things like hoses and spray handles.

Thirdly it has a metal pump with induction motor and brass cylinder head instead of the usual aluminium making it more durable.

As a result of all this put together this is why the Nilfisk premium 180 is rated the best power washer and most cost effective.


EHRLE have specialised in self service car wash centre’s for many years.

They are a leading well known brand for industrial car washes that you would see at places like petrol stations & service stations.

EHRLE have a range of pressure washers suitable for the detailing world. They are a leading well known brand in the car wash world. EHRLE have produced a smaller industrial machine that can be used for car detailing & valeting.

They can be fitted onto trolleys, hose reels & into units or vans, therefor making them an all round easy to use pressure washer.

The EHRLE pressure washers come with high quality brass pumps, short trigger guns & 10m rubber hoses.

Industrial pressure washer for car detailing are a better choice than a domestic pressure washer. They are more reliable and robust and have a better life span. For a any business to run smoothly it is better to have the best most reliable equipment.


If you don’t quite need something as big for detailing and class yourself more of a weekend warrior. The next best rated power washers by our customers & engineers:

Nilfisk E160.1-10 H X-TRA 

The powerful high-pressure washer. With a long hose range for larger cleaning tasks.
This powerful Nilfisk easily handles larger and frequent cleaning tasks.

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