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The compact and highly maneuverable SC401 walk-behind scrubber dryer offers all the speed, accuracy and ease-of-use you need for better cleaning of floors. To make things complete this high-performance machine has an extremely low sound level to enable daytime cleaning – even in sound sensitive areas.

Designed and built with proven Nilfisk technology the SC401 will increase daily cleaning productivity in, e.g. offices, shops, hotels, schools, hospitals, work shops etc.. The high and consistent performance is ensured by the 43 cm scrub deck equipped with brush or pad. Thanks to the superior water pick-up provided by the curved squeegee system the floor is left completely dry – and you can keep up the good work for a long time: Up to 4 hours of continuous scrubbing and drying on a fully charged battery, and up to 100 minutes before the solution tank needs to be refilled.

Using the machine is simple and requires very little training. The 4 wheels make the SC401 easy to maneuver, and the OneTouch™ button activates all functions with one click. Furthermore, the cleaning settings can be changed on the fly thanks to the simple 3 buttons on the dashboard.

The machine is offered in both battery and cable version. The battery version is available also with traction to maximize user’s ergonomics and comfort when using the machine

    • Compact design and easy to maneuver
    • Productive and powerful vacuum motor ensures a perfect cleaning and drying result
    • Brush click on/off, and light weight squeegee with no hose connection
    • Patented elastic strap system makes squeegee maintenance easy and simple
    • Detergent mixing system will prevent overdosing of chemicals – saving the environment and the total cost of cleaning
    • Ergonomic handle with touchpoints, OneTouch™ button and instruction stickers makes
      the machine simple for the operator to get started
    • The Nilfisk SilentTech™ technology reduces the sound level from 65dB(A) – and down to 60dB(A) in silent mode








Nilfisk Scrubber SC401 BD Full PKG EU/UK 9087398020

Product details tem no. 9087390020
Solution/recovery tank (l)             30/30
Brush quantity and type            1 Disc
Brush/Pad Diameter          430/430
Voltage (V)              24
Water Flow (L-Min)        0.3/0.7/2
Brush Pressure (KG)             24
Sound Level-Normal Mode          65 ±3
Sound Level-Normal Mode          60 ±3
Brush Speed (rpm)           140
Brush Motor (W)           450
Drive Motor  (hp)           150
Vacuum Motor Power  (W)           280
Max Running Time             3
Max Climbing Rate (%)             2
Max Transport Speed MPH (Km/h)             5
Productivity Rate Theoretical/ Actual (m²/h)   1720/1032
Battery Compartment Size

(L x W x H) (mm)

Length x Width x Height (mm)  1180x458x1055
Squeegee Width (mm)           720
Net Weight  (Kg)            73
Net Weight (gvw) (Kg)          166
Vibration Level at the Operator’s

Body (m/s²)

Frequency (HZ)          N/A
Protection Class / IP Protection         I/X4
Detergent Dosage (%)        0.25 – 2
Battery Version         Yes
Cable Version          No
Click Off Brush         Yes
Debris Tray         Yes
Quick Change System for Squeegee


Squeegee Drain Hose With Flow


Filling Hose         Yes
One-Touch Button         Yes
Nilfisk SilenTech™         Yes
Onboard Chemical Mixing System         Yes
Trackclean Ready         Yes

Nilfisk Scrubber SC401 BD Full PKG EU/UK 9087398020

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